Structures – Washington End Bridge

Update 2 – 03/08/2018

I’ve completed the left hand pier and it’s associated wing wall, painted and weathered to match the first pier:

Update 1 – 27/06/018

The girder sections have been completed.  Again made of styrene sheet and strip with 50 individually cut rivets per girder.

Washington End Bridge

I’ve made a start on the first of the structures for the layout, the footbridge/farm track bridge that sat at the Washington end of the junction and, first up, a photo of the prototype:

Photo copyright George Dryden


The bridge is entirely scratch build from styrene strip and sheet.  As the layout of the stones, particularly on the ends of the piers are so distinctive, no commercial products were suitable for the stone work so each stone on the bridge piers is applied individually before being textured, painted and weathered.  There are over 500 individual pieces of plastic on the completed pier in the photos below.

The stone work is painted in Vallejo Acrylics ‘buff’ and ‘medium gray’ and the weathering is multiple of layers of MIG ‘Brown for Dark Green’ filter.  For subtle differences in the stone colours, after each layer of the filter, odd stones were picked out in the original buff colour before being weathered again.