Layout Trackplan

Going Full Size…

The two photos below show the full size Templot printout of the scenic section of the layout between the two bridges that form the scenic breaks at either end of the junction.

It’s at this point that the true size of the layout starts to hit home, the Class 37 is around half way along the scenic section.



Initial Planning

Planning for the layout is continuing with the decision made that it will, ultimately, be a roundy roundy as it will let me, should the urge come up to just sit back and watch the trains go by.  I think I’ve almost cracked Templot so the track plan now looks like this (updated 17/02/2014):

planThe total area required is going to be 31′ * 15′.

Two sets of loops have been added to the fiddle yard and the Stella Gill sidings now join the fiddle yard at the rear with a connection to the Washington Lines so there is plenty of space for storage and the ability to run four trains continuously…

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