This website would not have been possible without the very generous assistance of the following people and organisations to whom I am extremely grateful for their continued support.

For supplying photographs of the locations on the line:

John Aiston, John Atkinson, Colin Alexander, Stephen Paul Baker, Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney), Beamish Museum, Clive Bennett, Ernie Brack, Colin Brewes, Keith BrownRobert CarrollJohn Carter, Nick Catford, Dave Coxon, George Devine, Peter Doel, George Dryden, Trevor Ermel, Ron Fisher, Mark Goadby, Kenneth Gray, Jon Hale, Keith Hoult, Grahame Hunter, Terry Hutton, Bill Jamieson, Douglas Johnson, Dave Jolly, Arthur Kimber, Tony Lambert, Roy Lambeth, John LawAlan LewisBob Lumley, Paul Loynes, Allen Marrs, Stephen McGahon, David MilburnHowie MilburnPatrick O’Brien, Craig Oliphant, Charlie OstaRobert Patterson, Pelton Fell History GroupThe Pont Valley Network, Rail-Online, Michael Rhodes, David Sarsfield, Jim Sedgwick, Michael Stewart, Robert Trinder, Bill Watson, John Williamson, Mick Worrall, Bill Wright, Neil Young and Paul Young.

Please note that all images that appear on this site do so with the express, written, permission of the copyright holders.  Please do not copy them to other sites or social media platforms without permission, any such postings will be reported to the platforms involved.  I have no issue with my own images (which are clearly marked as being copyright John Donnelly) being used in this way as long as my copyright is acknowledged.

For supplying the Signalling Diagrams:

John Hinson of The Signal Box

Books covering the line:

Steam Memories: 1950s – 1960s Tyne Dock – Consett by David Dunn is a pictorial look at the line in the 1950s and 1960s with some superb photographs from the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust.

Consett to South Shields via Beamish by Roger Darsley is a pictorial trip down the line from Consett to Tyne Dock.

Lost Stations of Northumberland & Durham by Alan Young covers Consett Station.

The Railways of Consett and North-West Durham by G Whittle is a comprehensive history of all the railway lines in the area.

British Railways Past and Present No4 The North East by Peter J Robinson and Ken Groundwater has a number of past and present (1987) photographs of locations on the line.

Diesels in the North East by David Allen has a number of photographs of the junction and other parts of the line in the later years.

On North Eastern Lines by Derek Huntriss has a number of photographs covering the line from Tyne Dock to Consett.

Trains Annual 1964 by Ian Allen has an 11 page article on operation of the iron ore trains.

Lost Lines North Eastern by Nigel Welbourn has a chapter covering the line.

North Eastern Steam in Northumbria by Malcolm Dunnett has a number of photographs taken at South Pelaw and Stella Gill.

The Steaming Sixties by Paul Anderson is full of photographs of Tyne Dock including the iron ore trains.

Diesel Power in the North Eastern Region by Brian J Dickson has a photograph at South Pelaw and a couple of Class 24 hauled iron ore trains.

A History of British Railways’ North Eastern Region by the North Eastern Railway Association has a chapter covering the iron ore trains.

Moving the Goods, 4 Steel Building the Nation, Moving Steel by Rail a new ‘bookazine’ covering the movement of steel on Britain’s railways has a number of photographs of Consett and the workings on the line.

Magazine Articles covering the line:

Trains Illustrated October 1955 has an article by P. Ransome-Wallis covering the iron ore traffic.

Traction Issue 227 May/June 2015 has an article covering the junction written by me with photos from Bill Jamieson.

Steam World Issue 235 has an article on the 9Fs used to pull the ore trains to Consett.

Steam World Issue 265 has an article covering the iron ore and coal trains on the line.

Steam Days December 2006 covers the history of the iron ore trains in steam days.

Back Track Volume 25, Number 2, February 2011 has an article on the iron ore trains.

Railway Bylines Issue 4 Volume 1 June – July 1996 has an article covering Pelton Level and Waldridge Incline.

Railway Magazine July 1974 has an article covering the cessation of the ore trains from Tyne Dock and their transfer to Redcar.

Railway World June 1984 has an article covering the running of the Last Passenger Train to Consett.

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