9Fs at Stella Gill

Two new photos from John Stark of 9Fs at Stella Gill.

9F 92064 returns to Tyne Dock with iron ore empties from Consett on the 1893 deviation line. Behind, EE Type 3 D6790 banks a Consett coal train hauled by 9F 92099. D3940 shunts in Stella sidings on the 1834 Stanhope and Tyne line, Stella Gill Flatts signal box in the distance. Photo copyright John Stark
9F 92098 shunts between South Pelaw Junction ans Stella Gill Flatts splitting a coal train for Consett. South Pelaw colliery was closed 18 months earlier on 3 Jan 1964 – the site, behind the hut, has already been cleared. The two tracks on the right are the main line to Consett. Photo copyright John Stark

One thought on “9Fs at Stella Gill

  • Cracking shots John. I was always amazed by the banking locos and ‘attachments’. In the top image there is the van on the coal train, plus a brake tender and a van on the rear of the banking locomotive!

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