Another unusual visitor… (31/11/2018)

After the closure of the Steelworks in 1980, the Derwentside Rail Action Group fought to keep the line to Consett open and for the reintroduction of passenger trains alongside and improved bus service.  I believe, although I have no direct evidence to prove it, that this train, a Class 100 DMU by then in Departmental use, was an inspection train run by British Rail as part of a feasibility study in to keeping the line open.

Photos courtesy of John Wilks and added to the Passenger Train page.

Class 100 DMU at Beamish. Photo copyright John Wilks

Class 100 DMU at East Castle. Photo copyright John Wilks


3 thoughts on “Another unusual visitor… (31/11/2018)

  1. Donald Kent

    I was on that train which was run by the county council who invited members of DRAG along with councillors and officials of both BR and the Council. We stopped at all the station sites and therefore I believe it was the last stopping train on the line. I still have the station plans.

  2. Paul

    Donald, very interesting notes. Could you elaborate on how Durham County Council treated the DRAG campaign please? Were they ever really serious about the proposal, such as conducting a cost/benefit study, or was it always a non starter in their eyes, with them simply going through the motions before formally dismissing it.

    Do you know what the attitude of BR was to the proposal?.

    Considering the number of bridges that have been removed and sections of the trackbed built on or totally decimated to make way for road or housing schemes, I get the impression that DCC wanted the track lifted as soon as possible after traffic had ceased so that they could proceed with their grand plans.

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