1960 to 1969 (15/06/2018)

Courtesy of Beamish Museum, I’ve added a new photo of 92065 at South Pelaw Junction with an iron ore train in 1960.

9F 92065 negotiates South Pelaw Junction with an iron ore train in 1960. Note the 9F in the background which will bank the train and the 21 ton hoppers in the South Pelaw Colliery exchange sidings. Photo by Ken Swann, courtesy of Beamish Museum.

3 thoughts on “1960 to 1969 (15/06/2018)

  1. David MILBURN

    Nice photograph full of detail. If the date is right then 92065 had just had a general overhaul a few months earlier and a new boiler, and after just four years of service! Note also the skirts on the ore wagons to keep dust off axle boxes etc. The coal trucks on the exchange are a nice touch. The colliery line crossed the A693 immediately south of bridge the photo was taken from and I remember the mayhem when the gates were closed to let the coal trucks out. Even in those far off days, when car ownership was a tenth of what it is today it was surprising how quickly the traffic built up. If you were lucky enough to be sitting in a bus on the bridge you got a pretty fine view of just what was going on at the junction and the levels.

  2. Bill Watson

    That’s a great picture. When we started spotting in the mid-1960s the NCB tracks had all been removed – only a wooden semaphore was left. We always wondered what had been there. The locomotive does look in fine fettle, though, and a nice tidy, well maintained PW! I remember a family lived in a caravan or such on what I presume was a small holding, to the West and North, of the bridge in the distance alongside the railway. I never took pictures – I wonder if anyone reading this did? It would have complemented the layout scene!

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