Iron Ore Trains (22/05/2018)

Courtesy of a new contributor to the site, Trevor Ermel, I’ve added three new photos to the Iron Ore Trains page.

92097 with a loaded ore train at Low Fell on 14th August 1965. Photo copyright Trevor Ermel.

D5107 and D5102 passing Low Fell with an iron ore train in August 1968. Photo copyright Trevor Ermel.

24106 and 24105 leaving Tyne Dock with an iron ore train on 6 March 1974 just a couple of weeks before the last iron ore train ran from Tyne Dock. Photo copyright Trevor Ermel

4 thoughts on “Iron Ore Trains (22/05/2018)

  1. David MILBURN

    Happy memories. I was at Tyne Yard the day the first pic was taken and, as well as 92097 with iron ore recorded both 60145 and 60131 light engine on the main line, then 60837 arrive from York with a freight. Sensibly, Trevor had his camera! The ore trains took the Gateshead route on Saturdays and they had a dedicated slow line all the way to Ouston Junction. It was a busy day for ore traffic.
    The Sulzers – in my opinion – often struggled with the ore trains (though not all agree!) and, after seeing them so many times almost come to a stop west of Beamish I was interested to watch as the loads appeared to reduce and the 9 truck set often appeared half full. From 1967 pelletized ore appeared and may have further lightened the weight of the train. The pellets soon scattered over the track and turned it pink.

    Lovely shots of a great time when we had a real railway (date on last shot??)

  2. Paul

    Class 24’s traction motors had a very low gearing ratio, and that made them suitable for hauling heavy loads up steep gradients, albeit at a snails pace.

    Ore wagon capacity was measured by gross laden weight and British Steel would load as much as this would allow.

    Go to the 1970-1979 era update to this site dated 11 May 2018 and zoom in on the picture, which is taken from above train height. Can you see anything in the wagons? Ore is a heavy, dense commodity and was loaded strictly by weight rather than volume.

  3. David MILBURN

    Whilst I might not have your expertise on the gravity of iron ore I am aware of what I saw, and often noted down. And I am sure I am quite as capable of seeing the contents of a wagon as you, or anyone else.
    During the Sulzer era I recorded trains reduced to seven or eight vehicles, and on other occasions the full set of nine but with two vehicles completely empty. Of course I might have been seeing things.
    I recall the ore trains hauled by 01s/Q7s, two class 9Fs, a 9F and Class 40 banker, two Sulzers and two class 37s and saw literally 000s of movements. if my suggestion that the Sulzers struggled at all upsets you then I withdraw it,.

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