1970 to 1979 (11/05/2018)

Courtesy of Pete Doel, a new contributor to the site, I’ve added a photo of two Class 37s on an iron ore train to the 1970 to 1979 page.

37072 and an unknown sister pass South Pelaw Junction with an iron ore train for Consett in November 1979. Photo copyright Pete Doel.

2 thoughts on “1970 to 1979 (11/05/2018)

  1. Bill Watson

    What a difference a decade or so makes. The Washington F pit heap on the horizon is gone, now there are the ‘Ministry’ building, hotels and motorway bridges instead. A nicely lit picture and ‘evidence’ of track removal – for a new smaller ‘project’😉 perhaps?

  2. Paul

    Second loco looks to be 37001. It was allocated to Thornaby at the time and overhauled in Crewe Works shortly before this picture was taken. .

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