Pelton (12/03/2018)

Courtesy of Bill Watson, I’ve added a photo of 9F 92060 at Pelton station.

9F 92060 with an iron ore train at the site of Pelton Station in the 1960s. In the background Stella Gill Coke works is in the process of being demolished. Photo copyright Bill Watson

2 thoughts on “Pelton (12/03/2018)

  1. David MILBURN

    It’s pretty close on perfection. It also reminds me ( if you check the distance) that despite the awful air quality in the north east you could see distant high ground from time to time.
    My guess is late summer 1966 when 92060 was one of the last 9Fs left standing. The arrival of the Class 40 as banker made life a lot easier for the train engine and speeds increased.
    As a child growing up in Beamish I could lie in bed at night and hear the ore trains start at South Pelaw. At Pelton they reached the level and speed increased dramatically. But as they rounded the curve at Pelton Church the stuffing was knocked out of them as they ”ducked” under the old Beamish waggonway. In order to regain height a severe section at 1 in 35 followed, then the 1 in 49 slog up to Beamish station.
    This is a lovely shot and so perfectly clear. I can even see that the trespass sign was not a Wilkinson one but Dunnett. Thanks to Bill, as ever, for posting

  2. Bill Watson

    Not Pelton, but as a young un’ I lived in Quigley Terrace, Birtley in the early 1960s down by Durham Chemicals and a few hundred yards from Tyne Yard. At Dusk, we would look to the South-West and to the promenant landmark of the church at Stanley, and watch as the two smoke trails ploughed on to Consett. Among ourselves we would say ‘there were renegades on the horizon’ – we were big John Wayne fans! A few years on, and the best years well gone, we scrambled to get a few dregs, of what was left, on film. Still, there is so much history recorded as witnessed herein – verbally and image-wise!

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