Stella Gill (18/01/2018)

Today we have a superb photo from Roy Lambeth of NCB locomotive ‘Twizell’ at Stella Gill.

NCB Locomotive ‘Twizell’ sits at Stella Gill en-route from Handenhold to Morrison Busty Colliery at Annfield Plain awaiting a BR pilot to take it up the line.  The locomotive is sat in ‘No. 1 Outgoing’ road. Photo copyright Roy Lambeth

2 thoughts on “Stella Gill (18/01/2018)

  1. David MILBURN

    John, you’ve posted some super shots in the past, but I must say this is one of the most fascinating yet.

    When the lines to Beamish first and second pits were pulled up, that left Handen Hold marooned. Mining had stopped there but It was the washer, and coal came there from Craghead by road! I wondered how Twizell and Major No 5 would escape! If they really were going to travel down the section through Pelton Fell I for one wanted to be there to see it. But these things never work out and during 1968 I found Major over at Derwenthough and Twizell up at the Busty. But how had they got there? Now I know.
    For the record, had they left the PSSR in place it would have been the shortest of hops for Twizell to chug up to Stanley, past the Louisa then along to Kyo. If only!

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