1960 – 1969 (19/09/2017)

More from Bill Watson, this time, unusually for Bill, in colour, added to the 1960 – 1969 page.

A 9F hauled coal train at sunset against the light on the Tyne Dock line. However, in the background work had just commenced on the C.W.S. warehouse on Drum Lane and piles are being driven. Further in the distance is the spoil heap from the Ouston E Pit (I think) and down at Ouston Junction the brick hut that was next to the signal box is still intact. This was taken from the old spoil heap to the South of the line. Photo copyright Bill Watson

Taken just after the previous image, the same 9F is now being used to push a failed Type 2 clear of the junction so the Type 4 banker can get behind the train. Photo copyright Bill Watson

2 thoughts on “1960 – 1969 (19/09/2017)

  1. David MILBURN

    This is wonderfully nostalgic and reminds me just how busy this junction was, especially when the Pelton Levels were active too. If it’s the same train that I saw later that evening in Beamish, 9F 92060 had moved into position and was piloting the failed Type 2. The route was extremely busy at that time and trains were coming every fifteen minutes. ’60, along with ’63, ’64 and ’65 were the 9Fs that struggled on to the end in November ’66. Wonderful picture, thanks for posting.

  2. Bill Watson

    That’s wonderful David. I was wondering what the outcome was, what with the Type 2 obviously challenged. Of course I had no recollection about this – I took pictures – never notes! We obviously were off home by the solution was worked out. I did ask John how the banker would access the rear of the ore train, that does appear lightly loaded, and he said there was an outside slip about the where the second hopper is that would allow the banker to follow up behind it! A time when railwaymen on the spot would work things out – because they were ‘Railwaymen’.

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