1960 – 1969 (27/08/2017)

It is not very often I update the site two days in a row but the latest shot from Bill Watson is just too good to delay posting.

Showing, at South Pelaw Junction, from left to right:

  • A Type 2 on a train of loaded coal wagons on the Washington Line.
  • A Type 3 shunting coal wagons in the sidings.
  • A Type 2 on a loaded iron ore train banked by two Type 1 Claytons.
  • A Type 2 on an empty iron ore train on it’s way back from Consett.

With a total of 6 diesel engines in shot, it is the busiest shot I’ve ever seen of the junction…

One thought on “1960 – 1969 (27/08/2017)

  1. Porcy

    So what’s the old United bus doing parked up behind Beechwwods? (Maybe in use as a contractor’s bus during the removal of the East end of the spoil heap?)

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