Stella Gill (26/08/2017)

From long time site contributor Bill Watson comes this superbly atmospheric photo of a Type 2 Diesel passing the site of Stella Gill coke works with a train of 20 loaded coal wagons being banked by a 9F.

Passing the site of Stella Gill coke works, a Type 2 diesel with a train of 20 loaded hopper wagons gets assistance from a 9F. Photo copyright Bill Watson

2 thoughts on “Stella Gill (26/08/2017)

  1. Bill Watson

    The Sun had long set when this shot was taken in high Summer and only lit by the afterglow.
    Probably, we would be roasting potatoes on a wee fire in the paddock above the start of the
    climb to Consett – our favourite vantage point – and would only venture home when fully dark!
    The train is working wrong-line too. Not a clear image, but atmospheric!

  2. David MILBURN

    I remember well the summer of 1966 ( not sure if that is when the photo was taken) and the huge burst of activity when the steel works and pits got going again after the summer break. Many coal trains were doubled and called for banking. This created many interesting power combinations I’d not seen before. I recorded topping and tailing with 2 Q6s, 2 K1s, 9F and Q6 and many more. But as Tyne Dock was getting ready to ditch its wonderful class 9s they were trialling some (in my opinion) very dubious diesels and I recorded a fair few failures with Type 2s. This shot, with a 9F banking the diesel is a rare gem. Bill’s photography always reminds us of what it really felt like.

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