The ‘Tyne Docker’ (07/11/2016)

I’m hoping that someone who reads this website may be able to help.

I am trying to find out the number of the Type 4 diesel locomotive that acted as the banker for the ‘Tyne Docker’, the last 9F hauled iron ore train on 17th November 1967.

I do have some photos of the train including this one at Annfield Plain:

92063 with the Tyne Docker at Annfield Plain

but none of the photos are close enough to show the number.

Understandably, photographers of the day were far more interested in the 9F that the Type 4, I’ve even seen a close up video that cuts off as soon as the nose of the Type 4 comes in to view!

I know that D242 and D245 were used as bankers but, other than that, I’m in the dark and, when the layout is finally built, the plan is model the Tyne Docker so it would be good to get the number of the Type 4 correct…

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